Saturday, February 19, 2011

Not going anywhere

I was on and off about deleting this blog since I don't keep up with it too much and I really don't give it the love it deserves. However, I am not going to delete it because I do put time into it and I want to continue to challenge myself to do a public blog. I don't care how many people love or hate this blog, I do it for me. I also don't care how many people agree or disagree with my opinions! Don't like it? Move along!

I am happy to report that school is getting better. I wasn't so impressed with any of my classes at first but I have started to get back in the groove. I also had a great anniversary with my fiance, we went out to dinner and he spoiled me rotten. I got a pair of chocolate Uggs, a new Juicy Couture crown charm and a box of Godiva chocolates! We had a really good time despite that fact that we spent most of the day apart on Valentine's day due to conflicting schedules. I really have to take pictures of the lovely stuff I got, but I've been busy with school, homework and just spending time with my loved ones.

I've recently purchased the Iphone 4 for Verizon. My lovely mother let me have her upgrade and I got the phone I've been wanting since it was released! I never went over to AT&T because I had a feeling Verizon would get it in the future. I really love it so far and I've realized I'm a little bit of a tech junkie. I don't buy the newest and best every time it comes out but I love getting a more advanced phone.

And let me just say, it annoys me terribly when I find my photos on tumblr sometimes because the person has posted it without credit, etc. But it really makes me happy and feel good when I find my photos and not only have they been properly credited to me, they have 1,200+ notes! I do not consider myself a photographer, I just like photography. However, it really helps me when I see that people like my pictures. I've been trying to look on the bright side recently. The internet can be a real downer and annoyance but there are good things about it as well.

And I leave you with an adorable picture of my son sleeping. We've been playing outside a lot these days, yesterday it was frisbee at the park and the day before that we went to another park and ran around. He has really been zonked at the end of the day.

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