Monday, February 21, 2011

Spring has not sprung... yet.

Unfortunately we're currently getting snow and ice here and Maryland. A couple days ago it was 70 degrees. We're also supposed to have a 60 degree day some time this week. Mother nature is awfully confused. I'm hoping that means I can get a snow day out of all of this. I was really hoping that we were going to have an early spring and it seems that we were just being teased.

I had a long day at school today but I feel good about my classes. I am learning a lot in Italian (and struggling to keep it all straight). Unfortunately my 3+ years of French are mixing up my brain. Genetics is extremely interesting and we're studying genotypes, phenotypes and of course the Punnet square. I learned something interesting - it's easier to create a baby (through genetic modification) that has blue eyes than it is to create a baby with brown eyes! And yes, they do make "designer" babies these days.

I have long over-due photos of Valentine's Day and other recent things. I find that I spend 50% of my free time at a book store or a toy store. I really do love both of these places, mostly because they are places that I can let Daniel run around and I can also have fun as well. On a recent trip to Barnes & Noble I found a great, thick bound book of Poe stories and poems for only $20. That's a steal! I also picked up a Disney princess coloring book to appease my inner 5 year old. Daniel goes to the book store just to play with the train set and fool around with other little kids. We did manage to coax him into wanting a couple books, one about a boy named Danny and his dinosaur and the other about bugs. Daniel and the bugs, sheesh. He'd much rather go out and catch the bugs, though. To each his own.

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