Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Octobre Deux

More Halloween stuff? But of course!

My mother and I got in our heads thinking we're Martha Stewart or something and got some more ingredients to make cupcakes. This time I was determined to make the cake batter orange. I definitely succeeded in that. Unfortunately, the coloring for the icing didn't turn out to be as purple as I had hoped. Oh well! We live and we learn. The cupcakes are delicious no matter what, really. I made them by myself this time. I used a Martha Stewart recipe for the icing, in case anyone was wondering.

And of course, because I was on a roll with the pictures I snapped some more shots of our outdoor decorations.

The leaves around the area have started to turn as well. I'll be sure to take some pictures of them. We have one tree on the corner of the block that turns this great bright red. It's so pretty. This weekend is going to be really busy so you probably won't hear from me until after. I hope you're all having a great October!

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Megan Darling said...

They look delicious! Totally love that last cupcake picture. Your Halloween stuff is so cute, I love the pictures you've put up on flickr :D