Sunday, October 10, 2010


October is really flying by and that is making me kind of sad. I have been trying to go out and do things when I have free time. Most of the week is eaten up by school and doing homework. This coming weekend Stacie and I have our two weddings, so there goes my relaxation time. We're hoping that on Sunday we can go to Larriland farm and take Daniel on a hay ride, have some apple cider and do some other fun activities they have there.

I got my hair cut yesterday and finally cut some bangs back into my 'do. I look better with bangs but my hair has crazy cow licks and is super thick so it's not really easy styling my hair. We took Daniel to get some pumpkins, I picked out mine. It's a big, round baby. Daniel picked out a tiny little pumpkin for himself. I can't decide what I want to carve into mine. I always pick out a pretty intricate pattern from the carving books - we don't carve silly faces into our pumpkins! It's between skulls and a werewolf but I'm not sure what I'll decide yet.

We finally put up some decorations inside and outside of our home, or I should say I really put them up. The kids playing outside were all like "isn't it kind of early?" I told them that it's never too early to decorate for Halloween. It's kind of lame because only a few townhouses in our neighborhood really decorate for any holidays so, we're usually the only house on the block. Oh well! Someone has to bring the festivity.


Holly said...

I am in love with your Halloween decorations! That little house and the bat decals are too cool. It always disappoints me that nobody seems to share my love for Halloween, so I guess I need to be the one to bring the festivity too.

Lauren the Lionhearted said...

Aw thank you! Yeah, not many people around here are too into it. I'm in love with all of the fall/winter holidays!