Sunday, January 30, 2011

Birthdays, snow, etc!

I'm still alive. Sort of. My 22nd birthday was January 24th but I was busy celebrating and then digging out from the snow. I don't really have much use for this public blog anymore but I'm trying to use it as much as possible. We did quite a bit for my birthday this year. I had a mini party at my fiance's father's house, went out to hibachi with my family and went out for dinner and drinks on my actual birthday. My birthday was really great this year besides the fact that it was on a Monday and the bar was deserted when we went. It was okay though, I had an impromptu dance party in the parking lot with my fiance and friends thanks to some loud car speakers and great electronic music!

Greg and I will be celebrating 4 years this coming Valentine's day. That's not our actual anniversary but we always combine our anniversary (the 12th) with Valentine's day because they are so close. I can't believe it will be 4 years! That's amazing to me, I never saw myself in such a long-term relationship. I don't know what we're going to do yet but I am looking forward to a date night with my boo.

We had quite a snow storm last week and are going to get another one this week. Hopefully nothing too tragic because I start school tomorrow. I'm not too excited about all my early classes but - c'est la vie. I am really ready for spring and summer as weird as that sounds. Winter always stays so late in this part of the country and by the time you get all this snow and ice you're tired of it!

I got a new TV for my room as a birthday present for my mom, plus camera accessories including a remote shutter from my love-bug. I'm so happy with how 2011 has been so far, even if there was quite a bit of drama in the very beginning of the year.

Greg, my fiance, snowboarding

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