Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanksgiving & Hair?

November is really flying by! Tomorrow is Thanksgiving here in the United States, so Happy Thanksgiving to all my fellow Americans. I'm going to be eating good food and hanging out with family so I suggest you do the same. I have already whipped up my contribution to Thanksgiving which is a cheesecake. It's huge and looks delicious. My mother is currently in the kitchen making the brine to put the turkey in overnight. The house smells like herbs!

This week I have been painting the bottom floor of our townhouse. I have already gone through 2 gallons of paint. I am close to finishing though, which is excellent. I don't know how much more my arms and back can take. The first day after painting I felt like a train hit me and had the worst tension headache. It's all worth it because after I finish all my painting we are going to go crazy decorating for Christmas. It's kind of crazy that "Black Friday" is already upon us. And the crazier part? I've only gotten one red cup this season. One! Obviously I am due for a grande peppermint hot chocolate after Thanksgiving. Maybe I'll treat myself right before I start studying for exams.

I'm going through a stage of wanting to be blond or just have different hair in general. Unfortunately I go through these stages a lot during the year. I need to get it out of my head so I've been looking at people with cool hair. Hopefully if I get my fill of cute hair I can get it out of my system and resume loving my natural brunette color. Have some pictures of people with cool hair. From me to you.



Holly Tsukino said...

Thank you for posting these! I have a small obsession with white hair ^^; It's a shame the first one looks like a wig; I really like the contrast of dark eyebrows with snow white hair.
Speaking of wigs, I'm thinking about getting one or two to get the weird hair urges out of my system. I like mine as it is right now, but I still want pink, white or even black hair occasionally.. I love how lolitas are using wigs nowadays even though most look fake as hell.

Lauren the Lionhearted said...

Your hair is really close to being white, isn't it?

I really want blond hair all of a sudden, with pink tips :/ Ugh, I wish I could have pink hair.

Holly Tsukino said...

It's pretty close, just not as white as I would like.. I think I know how to do it, it's just a matter of me applying for jobs in the very new future and I'm not sure how well white hair will go over in interviews. I might still try it though.

What kind of pink? I really like the pink hair the third girl has!