Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween, etc.

Time really does fly by these days. We celebrated Halloween and had a great time. I have a couple pictures from the last couple days of October. Now it's November. That means we're getting closer to my favorite time of the year - Christmas!

We had a great time this October, I'm really happy. But I've noticed that the less time I spend on the internet the happier I am. This may mean that I spend less time updating but I'll make sure I am on here sporadically to check in. Mostly, I'm cutting out Facebook and all those other pointless "networking" sites that do nothing for me. I've been more productive, I have more time with my family and I am doing better in school. So far, it's been a win/win situation.

I will definitely be taking some pictures the closer it gets to Christmas. I can't wait for Thanksgiving, a break from school and when it really starts to feel like Christmas season.

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