Friday, October 1, 2010

Make up: The Vamp

I told you guys I've been waiting months to do this and finally, the opportunity arose. It was cool (in the 60's) and zero humidity. It's also the first day of October! What a coincidence ;)

I'm finally wearing my Media lipstick by MAC.

A quick run-through of what I'm wearing:
- Laura Mercier foundation primer
- Bare Minerals 1C (Fair)
- Taupe eyeshadow as an eyebrow filler
- UDPP in Eden as a eyeshadow base
- UD Virgin on the brow bone, Sin on the lid and a little bit of Buck in the crease
- Ardell false lashes (I forget what number, sorry)
- MAC fluidline in Blacktrack for eyeliner
- Too Faced Lip Insurance
- MAC Media lipstick
- Estee Lauder Soft Matte Bronzer (01) for contouring

And really, that's it. I threw on an all-black ensemble, straightened my hair and that's how it's done. The great thing about this lipstick is that it's super matte. It dries down quickly and is not sticky at all. The bad part? It's hard to work with. If you put it directly on your lips it's very, very dark. If you apply it with a brush you get more of a "wash" of color. I did both to get the final product. It's just painstaking because every tiny mistake is super obvious with a dark color like this. However, I think I like it. Definitely not something I'd wear everyday but it's fun to play around with. Plus, I really never wear lipstick for whatever reason. I usually play with my eyeshadow. But popping on a statement lipstick is really useful for those days when your eye make-up just isn't looking right or you're not in the mood to blend a bunch of shadows together.

Today has been great, the weather is super nice and it's feeling like fall. While we took Daniel to the playground, I bumped my head on one of the metal poles while going under the jungle gym and I have quite the head ache from it. Hopefully it goes away soon. I'm going to go munch on one of our cupcakes from yesterday.

Enjoy the first day of October!

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