Thursday, September 30, 2010

Halloween Cupcakes

Tomorrow is the 1st of October and this is the time when my mother and I start celebrating Halloween by decorating. We never bake, and I mean never. I've never even baked cupcakes before! But we thought we'd give it a try. Daniel loves cupcakes and it's certainly cheaper than buying them at the store already made. It has been super rainy and dreary anyway, so what is there to do? Plus, we wanted to make our own because - hey, it looks fun. So we got a recipe, our ingredients and some fun add-ons and went to work. We cheated and used a mix for the actual cake part, it's devil's food. But we got a recipe for the icing and piped it through a bag. That was the most fun, actually. I colored the icing as well. All of this stuff can be found at Michael's or the supermarket.

Mine, right of the oven!

Mine, decorated

My mother's, she used a bigger pan and hers ended up kind of flat :P

Mine, decorated

Daniel eating the finished product

Daniel was our taste tester and he seemed to approve. Of course, he mostly ate the icing which is what he tends to do but at least we know the icing is good. I'm going to look for a stiffer icing recipe, this one was a little too soft, although it served it's purpose. They are not perfect by any means but at least I know I'm not totally incompetent when it comes to baking. I still prefer to cook, however. ;)

By the way, the icing recipe came from: and it's a butter cream.


Meg said...

These are really cute. I'd love for you to add this to my Halloween cupcake link party.

Lauren the Lionhearted said...

Thanks! I added the link :)

Joanne said...

Cute! Thanks for linking up to our party!