Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Fashion Week

The title says it all. New York Fashion week. I await Fashion Week each year, twice a year, patiently. Now that this week is finally here I am extremely excited to see ahead. I really can not wait for Milan and Paris but, first things first. I have been keeping my eye on the collections coming out and so far, I am on the fence about it. There are some collections that I would literally give an arm and a leg for and some that I could easily pass up. Spring is not my favorite season for fashion but I always keep an eye on the runway. Not only does it tell me about what will be in fashion in terms of clothing, I can see the trends emerging for beauty as well. I am sitting on this proverbial fence for a couple of reasons. A lot of collections are leaving out color, and to me, color is what spring is really known for. I see a lot of black and white, which is really great, but for spring? I'm all about wearing black year round, I was just expecting there to be bright, fluid colors. That being said, I am never one to turn down blacks, greys, or anything monochromatic. Let's be frank, Lauren is a black on black, all year 'round of type of girl.

Jason Wu Spring 2011 RTW courtesy of Vogue.com
The collection for Jason Wu and many others were primarily black/white/grey and were either very tailored or very drapey and feminine. I saw a lot of futuristic, structured looks as well as a lot of soft, sheer and very airy pieces. I really did not like the fact that so many of the models walked down the runway in see-through shirts with no bra. How is that "ready to wear"? I get that the designer does not intend for women to actually wear them that way and that a lot of the looks that go down a runway are not literal. However, I feel that it's strange to send people down a runway with their shirt see-through and expect the people looking at the clothing to know how to make it wearable. What do you wear under it? I don't get it! I was just very surprised at how so many people were using dark colors for spring. Vera Wang's collection is mostly black! There are exceptions to this of course. Marc Jacobs had crazy, bright, over the top clothes per usual. A light pink silk/satin pant suit? Only at Marc Jacobs!

Donna Karan Spring 2011 RTW courtesy of Vogue.com

And of course, the other side of the spectrum was Donna Karan and Alexander Wang with monochromatic, simple and soft collections. I am still keeping my eye out for some of my favorites that have yet to make their way down a runway. Based on what I've seen of some previews, especially Marchesa, they are going to be gorgeous. The white Marchesa gown in this preview is to die for, basically a dream dress. I am waiting with much anticipation to see the whole collection.

Marchesa Spring 2011 RTW preview courtesy of Vogue.com

As for beauty, there has been a lack of make-up on the runway. I have been seeing a lot of sweeps of eyeshadow with tinted lips. Nothing extreme, a lot of minimalism. Spring is usually that way so I am not at all surprised. However, I do notice a lot of people are going sans mascara?! How bizarre. I don't believe I could ever do that. I think spring is the time to let your skin be the main attraction, so I'm going to load up on a great moisturizer and a highlighter and let it do it's thing. For now, since we are going into fall, I am going to get a little daring and experiment with more intense looks. I can't wait to wear my Media lipstick!


Holly said...

That Marchesa dress is amazing! I'm in love.

My whole wardrobe is pretty much black and grey, lol.

Lauren the Lionhearted said...

Go to Vogue.com and look at the entire collection, it's pure heaven!