Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Shopping = ♥

I hate wanting to shop all the time but the internet tempts me way too often. I'm on a girlie kick, as opposed to the beginning of fall when everything was studded or leather and I wanted to look like a grunge rocker. I go through phases in my clothing choices. I never have one "look" that I feel I must adhere to and that's what I love about my style. I can reinvent myself all the time and it's believable because no one knows me as the girl who only wears ____ or the girl who is a _____. These are the things I really would like (all from Forever 21.com)


Holly said...

I saw that last cardigan online yesterday and thought about getting it! It's weird, but I've been on a girly kick recently too. Maybe it's because Valentine's Day is so close?

Stilista said...

Haha, maybe!