Friday, September 10, 2010

If The Shoe Fits

This post is going to be all about shoes.

I am not a shoe collector and most of my days I spend in flats or some sort of strappy sandal. Now that the weather is cooling down, I want to break out my boots. But, for the most part, I am a shoe devotee but only in the background. I was not blessed with cute feet. My feet are incredibly wide and for being so short I wear a pretty large size. That being said, I refuse to wear "ugly" shoes. I do not touch Birkenstocks or Crocs, even if they are comfortable. Calluses can be sandblasted away, nothing a good pedicure can't fix! I also spend a lot of time running after a 2 year old. Not something usually done in 5" heels, right?

So, needless to say I am not the shoe goddess. I am no Jane Aldridge. However, I do love me a pair of great shoes!

I paged through Vogue and Glamour and noticed that for once in my life, the shoes for fall were not blowing my mind. I am a sucker for Fall fashion. Spring/Summer I can do without. I barely want to wear clothes period during the summer. It's all these new mid-heels. Kitten heels? I don't get it. I've already voiced my displeasure about kitten heels and mid-heels over Twitter, but it needs to be said! Kitten heels are terrible. Unless you're 5'9"+ and have extremely long legs to begin with, there is nothing a kitten heel will do for you. Platforms, stilettos - they all elongate the legs and firm the tush. What exactly does a 2 inch heel do for one's gams? Nothing, that's what. I prefer my shoes sky high or totally flat. There is really no in-between for me. I am a very particular shoe person. I don't even know why. It's kind of like the eye-twitch I get when I see someone who has completely unruly eyebrows.

Photo: Weheartit
It comes as no surprise that I am a heel worshiping woman. I am only 5'2" and I can use all the height I can get. Don't get me wrong, I like my height. However, I do not want to make my short legs look even shorter. I always feel like the right pair of shoes can make or break an outfit. Many times, I've just stared at someone's feet as they walked past because their shoes were either spectacular or horrendous. And as much as I love sky high heels, I feel they have a place. Like false eyelashes and lots of glitter, sky-high shoes should be worn at the appropriate times. I always have felt that a lot of having good fashion sense is knowing when it is appropriate to wear certain things. I'm sure some people will disagree with that statement but that is just how I personally feel. Platforms don't belong at the mall or at the grocery store, unless you're coming home from work. I also feel like you have to watch what you wear with sexed up shoes. If you pair platform heels with a very short dress or with something that bares a lot of skin, you're drawing too much attention in the worst ways possible. My favorite ensemble would be platform heels ala Christian Louboutin, a pencil skirt and fitted blouse with a cropped jacket thrown over for the office.

In homage to my favorite shoes, here is some shoe spam for all the shoe fanatics out there!

The McQueen Shoes = ♥


Megan Darling said...

It's kind of like the eye-twitch I get when I see someone who has completely unruly eyebrows.
Amen again! Lol ;P We agreed all about kitten heels and such already on twitter but yeah, I'm so with you. I'm 5'8 and even I felt like my legs were 4 inches long when some shoe salesmen tried to get me to "fall in love" with some icky 1½ in heeled shoe >:( Love love love the McQueens & Fendi ♥

Lauren the Lionhearted said...

Haha, I feel like we have a very similar sense of style. I had no idea you were 5'8"! I also feel like mid heels put the emphasis on the middle of your foot so you stand different and use different muscles when you walk. So it makes your legs look totally different!

"The higher the heel the closer to god" >:)