Thursday, August 12, 2010

A Fresh Start

I've been writing in here more and more it will now become a habit because I have moved over to blogspot "permanently". I used to write mostly in my Live Journal only and I feel I've grown out of Live Journal. I still love the blogs I read on LJ and the people I met but I feel like I am more of a fashion/lifestyle blogger and that I belong on Blogspot now.

So, as a fresh start I feel like I should maybe break down what has been going on in my life right now. My fiance and I celebrated 3.5 years on Wednesday the 11th! My loving and adorable companion took me to Volt, some of you may remember Bryan Voltaggio from Top Chef on Bravo. That's his restaurant! It was very good, we went there for a late lunch. The goat cheese ravioli was absolutely delicious. I had a very enjoyable day despite it being a blistering 98 degrees in Maryland. I really wish I could escape this August heat! Then of course last night we had yet another epic thunderstorm that took down trees and power lines everywhere. Traffic was terrible no matter where you went so it was a frustrating day to say the least.

My make-up for our date at Volt

Finally, we can get to the beauty part of this blog! I have been searching for and yearning for the Urban Decay Naked pallet since we were told it would be launched over a month ago. I do work in a beauty store so I find these things out rather early. I wanted this pallet so badly because I am a nudes kind of girl. I love nude lips but my favorite is doing creams/browns for the eyeshadow. I don't really know why but pinks/purples/creams/browns are my go-to colors. I just think they compliment my eyes and skin nicely. So this pallet, let me tell you! It was a pain to track down. I had to buy it full price (curses, Urban Decay!) because my store did not get any more than our original shipment in stock. I bit the proverbial bullet and bought it, all $44.00 of it. I don't normally love pallets because they're bulky and take up a lot of room but this one is really to die for. It has the right mix of mattes with shimmers and the creams/browns/greys in it are killer. If you already have a lot of the Urban Decay eye shadows you can probably pass this one up because there are probably going to be a lot of repeats. But it also came with a tiny Urban Decay primer potion which we all love (although I have... six eyelid primers now? yes, I believe six...). Thank you Urban Decay, but next time, please plan better for how well your featured items are going to do! Not everyone that wants one will get one and that's kind of sad.

I also bought myself a really bright blue eye shadow from MAC, Atlantic Blue. I wanted something matte but super pigmented. I don't really have any blues. I got Carbon, which you know, is their staple matte black shadow. I finally got my original non-greasy/non-waxy eyebrow crayon in Lingering, MSF in "Light", Media lipstick (a dark purpley-red), and I am going to try out Opulash. I've heard some pretty good things about Opulash and it can't be any worse than the $20 I wasted on Texas Lash by Cargo. I expected great things but the mascara stinks, it's hard to get off and makes my eyelashes super spidery looking.

I hope to get some time to experiment and play with some new looks, especially my look for fall using Media as a lip color. I'm not that brave with lip colors so, this will be a new adventure!


Holly said...

I think I am going to "permanently" move to DeviantArt.. I get the feeling DA and blogspot are more active communities. I hope so anyway. It seems like LJ is just the same people over and over in every community. Maybe it's just me.
But I'm still conflicted because I really like some people I've met on livejournal..
Anyway, that restaurant sounds wonderful :) and your makeup is gorgeous of course.

labelleperle said...

what are you wearing on your lips? i love the color!

i definitely recommend that you try opulash - it's amazing! i bought it maybe a month ago and i think it's the best MAC mascara i've tried - it's very comparable to diorshow but pretty much half the price. love it so much <3

i'm glad you had a good time on wednesday xo

AND i'm looking forward to seeing some of your ~looks with the UD palette - i love ~nude makeup on both eyes and lips.

Lauren the Lionhearted said...

Holly - I think a lot of people are going to do this. It's unfortunate. I don't want to see LJ go under.

Dominica - It's Viva Glam Gaga with a clear gloss over it :) Thank you! I'm looking forward to Opulash. I wanted the double-ended mascara but the girl said they didn't get it yet. Nudes are definitely the best.

Thanks for reading, guys ♥

Holly said...

No way, I have that viva glam gaga and I don't like how it looks on me D: I wouldn't have guessed that was it! It looks great on you!

Lauren the Lionhearted said...

Yep, that's it. It's normally really pale but the gloss gives it a little luster and doesn't make it look so dry and matte.