Monday, March 15, 2010

What's In My Bag?

I don't usually do these sorts of things because my personal belonging are not that interesting (at least not to me). However, a photo of mine that included my purse, blackberry and a lipstick case circulated around Tumblr rather fast and had a lot of activity - so I figured, people probably like these sorts of things. And I guess they're pretty interesting! This is what's in my purse at the moment. I recently got myself a new Daydreamer tote and replaced my old one that got really dirty. I love these Juicy totes because they carry SO much.


Holly said...

I like these kind of posts! I love your Daydreamer, and I also used to use one of those Coach coin purses as a wallet. What do you keep in the studded clutch bag?

Stilista said...

Oh it's actually a wallet, it's like a wallet with two big coin purses on either side! It has a place for my cards and money in the middle. I meant to post a picture of it open but I took so many it got lost in the jumble :P