Friday, March 5, 2010


I am a very picky person when it comes to my eyebrows. Or any eyebrows in general. I usually wax them, I sometimes wax them myself. Although, I have waxed off way too much before so I am hesitant to do that. I like to pluck everyday and get really upset about the state of my eyebrows if they are anything less than "perfect" (to me). Anal? Yes, I would say so. Instead of having to go to someone, I decided to teach myself the art of eyebrow threading. It looks really complicated but it's actually quite easy. You can achieve really great results with this method and they last as long as waxing. It's not without some discomfort - it's like plucking multiple hairs at once and you have to get fast with it or you will take forever and the longer you take to pull the hair out the more pain you feel. That is one good point to waxing, you rip it off and it's over. However, this is much easier to do at home and you are a lot less likely to thread too much.

Why did I learn threading? As a make-up artist, I can not wax my clients, however, I can offer threading because it doesn't use heated wax. This is a really good skill to have since some people do not maintain their eyebrows and a good brow is key to a really pretty, finished look.

Threading tutorial on youtube

Happy threading!

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